PIETRA AUREA. Between past and future

Pietra Aurea is a calcareous sandstone that occurs in the municipal district of Pedemonte in the province of Vicenza. Apart from its extraordinary appearance, this natural material is particularly strong and has excellent processing characteristics.

E.MA.PRI.CE created a special division to market and sell Pietra Aurea stone products. The finished product can be personalised with regard to shape and finish and is particularly popular among architects and interior designers, due to its outstanding quality and durability. Innovation, competence and adherence to deadlines – values for which E.MA.PRI.CE has always been known ─ naturally apply to all projects undertaken by the Pietra Aurea Division. Once again quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

The extraordinary characteristics of Pietra Aurea have been known for many centuries in the Vicenza region. The scattered sandstone settlements in the Asolo hills and the many rustic farm- and manor houses in and around Pedemonte are evidence of this. As Pietra Aurea is a natural, extremely weather-resistant stone, it is still very popular today and can be used as a versatile building material in a large variety of areas.

Natural advantages, combined with technical innovation and well-founded knowledge – this is the combination that makes it possible to use Pietra Aurea for a wide range of applications. When used as solid cladding or in the form of plates of varying shapes and sizes for the production of floors, staircases or skirtings, this sandstone ─ which mainly consists of limestone grains and can be described as silicon-based limestone or, due to its sedimentary origins, as quartz/limestone/sandstone ─ offers an almost infinite variety of design.

The colour and structure of the various stone plates vary, depending on the degree of oxidation of the minerals. The most common colours range from a golden yellow to a greenish grey. The many grains and shades that have developed over the centuries provide Pietra Aurea with its unmistakeable, timelessly attractive appearance. The use of modern and very gentle quarrying equipment, innovative cutting and processing techniques all contribute to achieving various effects that make this sandstone from Pedemonte particularly flexible and varied in its use.


Pietra Aurea sedimentary rock allows for a large variety of surface treatments. Polishing, grinding, flaming or brushing make it possible to achieve various looks and feels, ranging from rough to smooth, which alternately give this stone a rustic or modern appearance. Its wide range of forms, sizes and surfaces result in a large variety of applications for natural rock processed by E.MA.PRI.CE: