PAVITAL. Technology, innovation and environmental sustainability.

Airports, yards, ports, roads construction. Innovation and sustainability. The future is in our way.

The modern philosophy of E.MA.PRI.CE. S.p.A. is to pay particular attention to new technologies that limit the use of valuable raw materials (traditional aggregates) and, therefore, to consider with great interest the use of nontraditional materials. The technology of the PAVITAL® catalyzed mixture is applied in various fields of civil engineering for the construction of layers with high load-bearing capacity. The Pavital® catalyzed mixture stands for total quality, providing high-tech eco-friendly solutions that effectively control or reduce production costs. It not only optimizes job time and methods but also uses natural aggregates and industrial by-products found near the work site, hence reducing the use of expensive materials (traditional aggregates) to the minimum.

E.MA.PRI.CE. S.p.A. is the owner of Pavital® technology. E.MA.PRI.CE. S.p.A. has a highly qualified technical staff and uses advanced IT data management systems and a geotechnical laboratory of its property. The production of the Pavital catalyzed mixture allows to obtain a monolithic material with specifications in accordance with the European Standards (UNI EN 14227-2:2004 Hydraulically bound mixtures - Specifications - Part 2: Slag bound granular mixture – This standard is not listed in the directive 89/106 building materials, consequently there is no obligation of CE mark for this product)

The Pavital® technology of catalyzed mixtures arises in particular relief having found application in various fields of civil engineering, from road works to the airport and train ones, including the construction of container terminals, yards, dumps.


  • Reduction of costs and construction times
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Building structures with a sustainable approach
  • Raise of strengths and structural flexibility
  • Raise of the elasticity
  • Reduction of shrinkage
  • Reduction of water permeability
  • High freeze-thaw resistance
  • Longer durability of roads
  • Rapid hardening means that the surface can be used by vehicles within 2-4 days
  • It may be possible to make use of existing base material

The Technology

The Pavital® mixtures are essentially composed of one or more kinds of aggregates of controlled particle size distribution curve, granulated blast furnace slag, and catalyst. The advantages of the product are evident in the analysis of the following factors:
  1. The Pavital® mixtures utilize readily available and not sufficiently exploited materials: the aggregate materials, found in natural borrow areas, quarries, or deriving from industrial processes, the granulated blast furnace slag, produced as a result of cast iron fusion. These materials, of low energy content, do not require expensive processing and are available at reasonable costs: it follows a greater respect for the environment.
  2. The distinctive mechanical and technical characteristics of the Pavital® mixtures permit an overall reduction in the number of layers of the structure: the subbase and base courses can be realized with a single monolithic body. The Pavital mixtures permit savings in management and production, and notable reductions in the required working times.
  3. The Pavital® mixtures give better fatigue behavior of the pavement, a good behavior to the phenomena of freezing and thawing and low permeability. The high capacity of diffusion of external loads allows the use of the pavement even on soils with low bearing capacity.
  4. The Pavital® mixtures do not leak their mechanical properties and do not age: the structure has a longer life. Consequently, the asphalt wearing and binder courses need a minor ordinary maintenance.