In order to offer you the very best of our potentiality, we use all the means available to us

The highest possible level of quality of execution according to programmed times requires a constant and meticulous update of our technical and operational entourage and continuous expansion of our rolling stock.

We have a modern, constantly increasing vehicle fleet that makes it possible to carry out all types of building work easily and safely, flexibly adapting to circumstances on the construction site. More than one hundred excavators, diggers, loaders, dumpers, forklifts, vans, rock crushers with screens for grain size separation, special diamond cutting machines and other ultra-modern machinery and equipment make E.MA.PRI.CE a high-performance partner when it comes to implementing your construction projects!

The service capacity of the vehicle fleet is ensured by qualified, specialised staff, who carry out all the required maintenance and repair work on the machines, either at E.MA.PRI.CE's mechanical workshop in Possagno or directly at the various construction sites. Each site team has suitable vehicles for the transport of staff and equipment; in addition, technicians are provided with a company car. Apart from a well-equipped fleet, the company also makes use of modern measuring, marking and control instruments that make efficient work on a building site possible.

Machinery and Equipment


The wide range of diggers available guarantees a huge and unique work force: the important fleet of machinery available includes 18-ton mini-diggers including the Liebher 984, capable of dealing with any possible site experience. Furthermore, there are numerous accessories suitable for even the most complex of situations, as well as high precision instruments applied directly on site.


E.MA.PRI.CE. industrial loaders are characterized by their performance, movements and safety at work: thanks to the high level of stability, that guarantees speed and efficiency in lifting and loading, they are extremely productive.


The strength of our company lies in the large quantity of material that we move: the E.MA.PRI.CE. fleet includes 10 articulated dumpers featuring a large load capacity; power and solidity allowing these extraordinary vehicles to work in difficult conditions or on uneven land.


A wide range of mechanical loaders that guarantee easy adaptation of the company to the various requirements of earth or rock movement. The range available includes loaders with operational weight ranging from 116 to 320 Tons for large loads; mini-loaders for small areas; crawlers for critical working conditions and medium and large crawler tractors suitable for the toughest jobs.


E.MA.PRI.CE. has crawlers and farm tractors with high levels of performance for special applications that require high performance and efficiency on any type of land: perfect solutions for the toughest conditions.


The backhoe loader is a machine used for digging, landfills and movement of material. The main feature that distinguishes it from other earth-moving machines is the combined presence of a blade on the front and the digger arm on the rear. The backhoe loader is a very versatile vehicle, because it combines the two most practical earth-moving tools.


To carry out loading/unloading operations of material from vehicles on pallet and product handling, we have forklifts and telescopic trucks with a basket for personnel that lifts 14.8 m and other accessories that can optimize the operational flexibility of the vehicles.


E.MA.PRI.CE. has a series of rollers which can satisfy all needs for any type of terrain or slope, with an operating weight ranging from 9.9 to 21 Tons. The high dynamic power of every machine allows you to obtain the desired compaction with the smallest number of repetitions.


These vehicles are characterized by a high degree of mobility, and are suited for jobs that require repeated shifting of the machines at high power. Suitable for different types of jobs such as urban roads, bicycle and pedestrian paths, parking lots and other medium and large-sized sites. They are specifically created for the preparation and stabilization of road up to the surface finish.


The grader is an earth-moving machine, capable of digging, moving and leveling. Standard models have three axes with the engine and the cab situated above the rear axle at one end of the vehicle, and a third axis on the front end with the blade in the middle. The long curved blade can move in all directions and characterizes the type and power of the machine.


Equipment needed for both the recovery of material from demolition, otherwise classified as waste, and to obtain a particle size distribution product. E.MA.PRI.CE. has a permit to recover nonhazardous waste on three mobile plants. For the creation of internal areas such as car parks and material storage areas, we have a plant for sand mixing, blast furnace slag and catalysts.


A large fleet of vehicles available for personnel and construction site equipment transport. Three vehicles are authorized to transport exceptional materials, while another one is entirely devoted and set up as a “mobile workshop”.




The modern machines are constantly used and controlled by qualified operators under the coordination of highly skilled technicians. On the worksite we use appropriate technologies to reduce risks, improve operational accuracy, and increase productivity. The electronic and satellite topographic instruments and the equipment directly applied on the vehicles are an essential operational requirement for the quality and competitiveness in the construction and land handling procedures.